Drop Rates

Find out the specific drop rates on unique boss items here!


If you decide to fight with a friend against Araxxor, that will have an impact on your chances at loot although both players do have a chance at obtaining unique loot. Here are the differences:

Fighting Araxxor SOLO

  • 1/120 chance at a weapon component (Araxxi's Fang, Web or Eye)
  • 1/40 chance at a leg piece (Top, Middle or Bottom)

Fighting Araxxor DUO

  • 1/200 chance at a weapon component (Araxxi's Fang, Web or Eye)
  • 1/70 chance at a leg piece (Top, Middle or Bottom)

Which component or leg piece you obtain depends on a number of factors. What type of component you get can depend on what combat style of Araxxor you're fighting. You have a 1/2 chance of getting the same component style of the boss type you're fighting. For example, if you're fighting a Magic-style Araxxor then you have a 50% chance to get an Araxxi's Eye if you get a component.

If you fail this roll then you have a 50/50 chance to obtain one of the other styles. Following this example, if we failed the chance to the Araxxi's Eye from the Magic-style Araxxor then you have a 50/50 chance to get either Araxxi's Web or Araxxi's Fang.

What leg piece you get depends on what path you fight Araxxor down. Fighting Araxxor down path 1 will get you a chance at Spider leg top, path 2 a chance at Spider leg middle and down path 3 a chance at Spider leg bottom.

Araxyte pheromones work in a slightly different way in their drop chance is effected by Araxxor's current enrage. The higher the enrage, the greater chance at obtaining an Araxyre pheromone. Araxxor's current enrage has no impact on the common or unique drop tables however.

  • 1/50 base chance to obtain an Araxyte pheromone at 0% enrage
  • 1/(50-(Current Enrage / 20)) meaning that at 300% enrage you have a 1/35 chance at obtaining an Araxyte pheromone.

Kalphite King

Kalphite King has a fairly straight forward drop table and there is nothing special to report other than the unique drop chances.

  • 1/128 chance to get either Drygore Rapier or Drygore Rapier Offhand
  • 1/128 chance to get either Drygore Longsword or Drygore Longsword Offhand
  • 1/128 chance to get either Drygore Mace or Drygore Mace Offhand
  • 1/50 chance at getting Perfect Chitin for the defender
  • 1/50 chance to get triple Rare Droptable as a bonus drop
  • 35/128 chance to get 50 cooked sharks

Nex: Angel of Death

The amount of players that you kill Nex with has a impact on the drop chance of the unique items but not the cosmetic chests. The chance decreases massively if there are more than the intended group size in the fight.

Chance with 7 people:

  • 1/1,000 chance for a unique item like Wand of the Praesul or Imperium core
  • 1/250 chance for a Praesul Codex (only if you failed the unique roll)
  • 1/5,000 chance for an Intricate chest

Chance with 8+ people (only the top 7 are eligible for unique loot):

  • 1/5,000 chance for a unique item like Wand of the Praesul or Imperium core
  • 1/250 chance for a Praesul Codex (only if you failed the unique roll)
  • 1/5,000 chance for an Intricate chest

Rise of the Six

You always get a malevolent energy but you have a 50% chance to get an extra energy. In order to actually get an energy, however, you need to complete the collapsing tunnels and escape through the well else they will disappear.

  • 1/80 chance to get either Malevolent, Vengeful or Merciless shields
  • All of the common drops have an equal 1/11 chance to drop meaning that you have a 1/11 chance to get up to 10 barrows amulets for example.

Telos, the Warden

Whilst looting Telos, your current streak and enrage that you fought Telos at has an impact at the chance of looting the unique items. The higher your streak and/or your enrage, you have a greater chance at getting a unique item. However, at under 100 enrage, you have a 1/10 worse chance for unique items and under 25 enrage, that chance is further reduced by 1/3.

Not only that, the higher enrage and/or streak you are - the greater chance at better regular loot you have too. The higher you are, the greater chance of drops like Onyx Bolt Tips, Uncut Onyxes and Crystal keys you'll have.

Don't forget, whilst equipping Luck of the Dwarves you have the potential to see a different loot list than you would without. The reason for this is that Luck of the Dwarves effectively adds 25 enrage worth of better loot chances and also has a chance to add extra pieces of regular loot also.

One question that we see a lot is this: "Which is better for me to get a unique drop, a higher enrage or a better streak?"

Streak is a much greater modifier than enrage is in the Telos formula meaning that if you wanted to get unique drops then the best thing to do is to get a higher streak. A greater streak will give you a better chance than a high enrage, low streak kill.

Due to the sensitive nature and volatility of Telos' drops, we don't be revealing the full formula in which Telos determines their unique drops but will instead give a few examples to demonstrate how it works. We've decided to go with some key milestone examples to make sure they're relatable.

  • Streak: 1, Enrage: 100 - 1/263 chance of a unique drop
  • Streak: 1, Enrage: 500 - 1/72 chance of a unique drop
  • Streak: 5, Enrage: 200 - 1/133 chance of a unique drop
  • Streak: 1, Enrage: 999 - 1/38 chance of a unique drop
  • Streak: 1, Enrage: 1024 - 1/37 chance of a unique drop

If you roll a unique drop on Telos, these are the drop chances for the unique items:

  • 75/115 chance for an Anima orb (the next one in sequence)
  • 10/115 chance for a Dormant Seren Godbow
  • 10/115 chance for a Dormant Staff of Sliske
  • 10/115 chance for a Dormant Zaros Godsword
  • 10/115 chance for a Reprisal Ability Codex


It's worth explaining some of the misdirection surrounding Legios before the drop rate is revealed. On launch, the drop chance for getting an Ascension Signet from a Legio was 1/64, but we later hotfixed this silently to it's current rate as we weren't getting as many in-game as we wanted (amount of people killing Legios was fine). In trying to not cause a mass panic sale, we were a little coy about confirming the new drop rate.

  • 1/50 chance to get an Ascension Signet from each Legio
  • 1/2,056 chance at Ascension grips (can only drop on a Slayer task)
  • 1/64 chance at Ascension keystones from any Ascension creature, except from Scutarius where its 1/50 chance. There is also an equal chance for each keystone regardless of type.

God Wars Dungeon 2

This drop table is a little bit complicated so I'll try and explain it as simply as I can. All four God Wars Dungeon 2 bosses "share" the same drop rate for rare items, and that drop rate is affected by either Reputation, Challenge Mode or wearing Ring of Fortune/Luck of the Dwarves equally.

There are two random numbers created for rare items within God Wars Dungeon; there is the roll for uniques which we'll call Unique Roll and a roll for the different boss essences which we'll call Essence Roll.

The base chance for both rolls are:

  • 1/512 chance for a particular unique item from a boss (Anima core armour, weapons etc)
  • 1/128 chance for boss essence

Reputation changes

God Wars Dungeon 2 has a number of different unlocks that affect the drop chance from bosses. There's the 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% upgrades, depending on your reputation with a particular faction. It's worth noting, although obvious, that having a 100% drop chance increase on Helwyr doesn't impact any other boss.

So what happens is that we change both Unique Roll and Essence Roll depending on what your reputation is to the below values. (Reputation unlock = Unique Roll and Essence Roll)

  • 0% bonus = 512 and 128
  • 25% bonus = 448 and 112
  • 50% bonus = 384 and 96
  • 75% bonus = 320 and 80
  • 100% bonus = 256 and 64

Challenge Mode

If the fight was in Challenge Mode, it also infers a better chance at both Unique Roll and Essence Roll after reputation bonuses have been applied.

What happens is that the roll we got from the reputation is again further scaled in Challenge Mode with a slight buff. Here are all of the calculations on the numbers. "Loot bonus" is the extra % buff that you have from reputation. For example, if you had 50% drop increase then your Loot bonus would be 50.

Unique Roll

  • 0% bonus = 512 * ((90 - (loot bonus/5))/100) which is 512 * ((90 - 0) / 100) = 460
  • 25% bonus = 448 * ((90 - (Loot bonus/5))/100) which is 448 * (90 - 5) / 100) = 380
  • 50% bonus = 384 * ((90 - (Loot bonus/5))/100) which is 384 * (90 - 10) / 100) = 307
  • 75% bonus = 320 * ((90 - (Loot bonus/5))/100) which is 320 * (90 - 15) / 100) = 240
  • 100% bonus = 256 * ((90 - (loot bonus/5))/100) which is 256 * (90 - 20) / 100) = 179

Essence Roll

  • 0% bonus = 128 * ((90 - (loot bonus/5))/100) which is 128 * ((90 - 0) / 100) = 115
  • 25% bonus = 112 * ((90 - (Loot bonus/5))/100) which is 112 * (90 - 5) / 100) = 95
  • 50% bonus = 96 * ((90 - (Loot bonus/5))/100) which is 96 * (90 - 10) / 100) = 76
  • 75% bonus = 80 * ((90 - (Loot bonus/5))/100) which is 80 * (90 - 15) / 100) = 60
  • 100% bonus = 64 * ((90 - (loot bonus/5))/100) which is 64 * (90 - 20) / 100) = 44

Luck Interaction

If you're wearing Ring of Fortune or Luck of the Dwarves, a further 1% is taken off the numbers after all other bonuses have been applied. Here that is for all of the different reputation thresholds, on and off Challenge Mode.

Unique Roll - Normal Mode

  • 0% bonus = 512 * 0.99 = 506
  • 25% bonus = 448 * 0.99 = 443
  • 50% bonus = 384 * 0.99 = 380
  • 75% bonus = 320 * 0.99 = 316
  • 100% bonus = 256 * 0.99 = 253

Essence Roll - Normal Mode

  • 0% bonus = 128 * 0.99 = 126
  • 25% bonus = 112 * 0.99 = 110
  • 50% bonus = 96 * 0.99 = 95
  • 75% bonus = 80 * 0.99 = 79
  • 100% bonus = 64 * 0.99 = 63

Unique Roll - Challenge Mode

  • 0% bonus = 460 * 0.99 = 455
  • 25% bonus = 380 * 0.99 = 376
  • 50% bonus = 307 * 0.99 = 303
  • 75% bonus = 240 * 0.99 = 237
  • 100% bonus = 179 * 0.99 = 177

Essence Roll - Challenge Mode

  • 0% bonus = 115 * 0.99 = 113
  • 25% bonus = 95 * 0.99 = 94
  • 50% bonus = 76 * 0.99 = 75
  • 75% bonus = 60 * 0.99 = 59
  • 100% bonus = 44 * 0.99 = 43

The chance for a rare is 1/Unique Roll depending on the different number of bonuses applied to it, and the same for boss essence being 1/Essence Roll. This means that a chance at any unique item from a GWD2 boss is X/177 with all of the bonuses applied where X is the number of uniques available from the boss.

This means that the best chance at unique items from GWD2 is by having maxed out reputation bonus for drop chances, in challenge mode and wearing a tier 3 luck ring or higher is:

  • 1/177 chance at a particular unique item
  • 1/43 chance at that boss' essence


  • 1/50 chance for Ancient emblem if you have an appopriate defender
  • 1/128 for Torva Helm, Body or Legs
  • 1/128 for Pernix Helm, Body or Legs
  • 1/128 for Virtus Helm, Body or Legs
  • 1/128 for Zaryte Bow, Virtus Wand or Book
  • 1/128 for Torva, Pernix or Virtus Boots
  • 1/128 for Torva, Pernix or Virtus Gloves

Just for some fun, here are the chances at getting Saradomin Brews and Super Restores from Nex. There are two separate rolls!

  • 7/128 chance for 30 4 dose Super Restores and 10 4 dose Saradomin brews
  • 29/128 chance for 30 4 dose Saradomin brews and 10 4 dose Super Restores

Liberation of Mazcab (Beastmaster Durzag and Yakamaru)

We'll start by explaining the basic structure and order of the droptable.

  • 1. If you have less than 5 effigies, there's a small chance to drop one.
  • 2. Then we add all guaranteed drops, which are charms (or Airut bones for Durzag).
  • 3. We then add some supplies, which can be either Saradomin Brews, Super restores, or Eeligator. (Bonus fun fact: in code, Eeligator is named "Raid Overpriced Fish")
  • 4. Then we try to give you an Achto piece, which I'll explain in more detail below. If an Achto piece is dropped, the following steps are all skipped.
  • 5. If you don't get Achto, there's a 1 in 20 chance to get a codex. If you get a codex, the following steps are all skipped.
  • 6. If you don't get Achto or a codex, we then give you some Teci, to let you save up for a comparable reward.
  • 6a. If you don't already own Lil' Tuzzy, Durzag rolls a 1 in 512 chance to drop the pet. Getting Tuzzy doesn't cause the next steps to be skipped.
  • 6b. Durzag also rolls a 1 in 500 chance to drop Razorback Gauntlets. This is the same chance as regular Airut. If Durzag drops Razorbacks then the following step is skipped.
  • 7. We then pick some items off of a more traditional droptable. Yakamaru will drop approximately twice as many items than Durzag from this table.

There are a couple of exciting numbers in there, but we all know they're not what you're really here for. Let's talk about how Achto works.

When you kill one of the two bosses, the game decides which piece of Achto you're attempting to roll using two factors:

  • 1. Which combat style you used to inflict the most damage. This determines which style of Achto the games tries to give you first. For example, taking a Magic approach on Beastmaster Durzag will increase your odds of getting Primeval equipment.
  • 2. Which boss you killed. This determines which slot of Achto armour the game tries to give you first. Beastmaster Durzag starts with boots, Yakamaru with gloves.

If you already own the Achto version of the armour in question, the game will choose another style in the same armour slot; for example, Primeval boots instead of Teralith boots. If you don't own Achto or either of the two "off styles", the game does a coin flip to decide which style to use.

If you own all styles within that armour slot, it will move on to the next armour slot.

Each boss and equipment slot has a priority.

Durzag - Priority 1

Yakamaru - Priority 2

  • Boots - Priority 1
  • Gloves - Priority 2
  • Helmet - Priority 3
  • Legs - Priority 4
  • Chest - Priority 5

The game first tries to give you an item of a priority matching the boss'. If it can't do that, it'll try to give you one with lower priority. If it can't do that, it then starts testing each higher priority slot in order.

However, if you own a full set of Achto in each combat style, we throw all the rules out the window and just pick an item at complete random.

When the game has decided which piece of Achto it might give out, it then rolls to see if you win it. This time we've got a three step process.

  • 1. Each boss has a Generous and a Harsh chance. If the priority of the item is less than or equal to the priority of the boss, the game uses the generous chance. If the priority is higher, the game uses the harsh.

The Generous and Harsh chances for each boss are as follows:

Beastmaster Durzag

  • Generous chance = 1 in 35
  • Harsh chance = 1 in 55


  • Generous chance = 1 in 30
  • Harsh chance = 1 in 50
  • 2. If you're wearing Luck of the Dwarves or an equal effect, the game improves your chance by one.
  • 3. After that, owning an inferior version of the exact piece of armour (including style) you're rolling for will halve the chance value. This also applies if you already own every Achto set.

The resulting number becomes the roll which determines whether or not you receive the item.

Here's an example:

You kill Yakamaru as a mage wearing Luck of the Dwarves. You own all Achto gloves. You also own Achto Primeval (magic) boots. You own inferior Teralith (melee) boots.

  • 1. The game tries to give you gloves, but you already own them all.
  • 2. The game looks for a lower priority item to give you and finds you don't own all boots.
  • 3. You already own the magic boots, but you don't own either of the off-styles. The game flips a coin between ranged and melee. For the sake of illustrating mechanics, we'll pick melee boots, but picking between the two was a fair 50/50 unaffected by you owning the inferior melee boots.
  • 4. Boots have a lower priority than Yakamaru's priority (which is two) so we use Yakamaru's generous roll of 30.
  • 5. Luck of the Dwarves improves your chance to one in 29.
  • 6. You own the inferior version of the melee boots, so we further half this roll and round down to 14.

God Wars Dungeon

All bosses in God Wars Dungeon 1 follow the same drop rate as their items. These are as follows:

  • 2/128 chance to obtain a unique item (equal chance at any unique if you roll)
  • 1/128 chance then a 1/4 chance to obtain a Godsword hilt (if you fail the 1/4 you'll get 19,501-21,000 coins instead)
  • 1/128 chance then a 1/2 chance to obtain a Godsword shard (if you fail the 1/2 you'll get 20,500-21,000 coins instead)

The bodyguards that accompany each boss in God Wars Dungeon 1 also have a chance to drop unique items. These work slightly differently:

  • 1/128 chance to roll on to the "bodyguard unique" table.

Each god then has a different chance to obtain a unique from their bodyguards. These are:

  • 1/320 chance for a specific unique from Saradomin bodyguards
  • 1/384 chance for a specific unique from Bandos/Armadyl bodyguards
  • 1/512 chance for a specific unique from Zamorak bodyguards

You then have a X/Y chance at any uniques. X is the number of unique items that can drop and Y is the bodyguard drop table chance. If you don't get a unique drop then you'll get 1,000-1,500 coins instead.

There's no difference in drop tables between normal mode and hard mode in God Wars Dungeon 1; the only difference is the Soulstones. The chance to obtain a Soulstone from a hard mode boss is 1/25.

Kalphite Queen

  • 1/128 chance for Dragon Chainbody
  • 1/128 chance then 1/2 chance for Dragon 2h Sword (For the Exiled Kalphite Queen it is just a 1/128 chance)
  • 1/128 chance for the Kalphite Queen head trophy.

Chaos Elemental

  • 1/128 chance to obtain a Dragon 2h Sword
  • 1/128 chance access the Ancient Warriors' drop table

Rolling to access the Ancient Warriors' drop table will open up a new table where you can try to obtain unique equipment. The full table is as follows:

  • 1/224 chance to obtain a specific unique drop (44/224 chance to obtain any Ancient Warrior's equipment)
  • 100/224 chance at 3 random herbs
  • 10/224 chance at a weapon poison
  • 70/224 chance at four 4 dose antipoisons


First of all, we'll talk about the drop chances and then get into the specifics of obtaining scraps of scripture from phylacteries.

  • 1/18 chance at obtaining a Phylactery (1/17 chance with Luck of the Dwarves equipped)
  • 1/128 chance at a Key to the Crossing
  • 2/128 chance at 10 Vital sparks
  • 2/128 chance at 20 Vital sparks
  • 1/500 chance at Gloves of Passage

Opening Phylacteries

  • 40/100 chance at 5 Scraps of scripture
  • 30/100 chance at 10 Scraps of scripture
  • 25/100 chance at 15 Scraps of scripture
  • 5/100 chance at 25 Scraps of scripture

Barrows Brothers

Much like the Liberation of Mazcab drop table, there is a lot of complication involved in finding out what sort of items we want to drop and then actually dropping the items. We will try to guide you through the complex process of how a drop is determined and then provide the chance of obtaining that item.

The number of Brothers that you kill, including Akrisae but excluding Linza, has a large impact on various aspects of the drop table. First of all, how many brothers you kill determines how many rewards you get and consequently how many chances of rare items you have. The number of pieces of loot is (Number of Brothers killed + 1) up to a maximum of 7.

Linza isn't a part of the below. Instead there is a 1/192 chance to roll on to Linza's unique table at the start of assigning a reward. If this is successful then you obtain a random piece of Linza gear (all has an equal chance of dropping after this) and if it isn't then it carries on with the below information.

The chance of getting a unique item at base is 450 - (Number of Brothers killed x 58) to a minimum of 73. So for example killing all brothers the chance is 1/73, or for killing 6 it is 1/102.

If you managed to get on to the unique table, we then try to determine which brother's armour you're going to obtain. First of all, we take how many brothers you've killed and then random it. Whatever this number corresponds to is what sort of equipment you'll get based on the numbers below. Each of the unique items on each brother's table has the same drop chance as each other.

  • 6 - Akrisae
  • 5 - Verac
  • 4 - Torag
  • 3 - Karil
  • 2 - Guthan
  • 1 - Dharok
  • 0 - Ahrim

If this fails, we then see if you obtain some Rise of the Six entry tokens which has a 1 / (20 - Number of Brothers killed) chance of dropping.

If this fails, we then see if the player is eligible for a defender drop and if they are you have a 50 x (7 - Number of Brothers killed) chance of obtaining a defender.

If this fails, then we roll the regular drop table. The loot on the regular drop table is dependent on the total combat level of creatures you've killed in the tunnels and how many brothers you've killed. The maximum number for combined total combat level of creatures killed is 1,000. We then take this number and add it to Number of Brothers killed multiplied by 2. This means that the maximum random roll we can achieve is 1,014. Once we have our random number, we random it and see what drop we get based on the below table.

  • 0-379 - Up to 4,000 coins
  • 380-504 - Mind runes
  • 505-629 - Chaos runes
  • 630-754 - Death runes
  • 755 - 879 - Blood runes
  • 880 - 1004 - Karils bolt racks
  • 1005-1010 - Loop/Tooth half of a key
  • 1011 - Dragon med helm

If you have a Ring of Wealth (or better) active whilst looting the Barrows, you get an additional drop to the ones listed above. This is an additional drop that isn't affected by any of the above; it's just a bonus from wearing a luck ring equal to or better than a Ring of Wealth. You might get:

  • 4/40 - 2 dose Prayer potion
  • 4/40 - 2 dose Prayer potion, 2 dose Restore
  • 4/40 - 2 dose Restore
  • 4/40 - 2 dose Restore, 2 dose Super defence
  • 4/40 -2 dose Super defence
  • 4/40 - 2 dose Super defence, 2 dose Prayer potion
  • 4/40 - 4 Sharks
  • 4/40 - 15 Death runes
  • 4/40 - 60 Mind runes
  • 4/40 - nothing

Queen Black Dragon

This is a simple drop table and doesn't have anything complicated about its unique drops.

  • 1/128 chance - Dragon kiteshield
  • 2/128 chance - Dragonbone upgrade kit
  • 5/128 chance - Royal bolt stabiliser
  • 5/128 chance - Royal frame
  • 5/128 chance - Royal sight
  • 5/128 chance - Royal torsion spring
  • 1/109 chance of a Draconic visage

Dagannoth Kings

Again, another simple drop table without any complication. The only difference is the different unique loot that each different King drops.

  • 1/128 chance of Dragon hatchet from any Dagannoth King
  • 1/128 chance of Mud Battlestaff from Dagannoth Prime
  • 1/128 chance of Seers' ring from Dagannoth Prime
  • 1/128 chance of Berserker ring from Dagannoth Rex
  • 1/128 chance of Warrior ring from Dagannoth Rex
  • 1/128 chance of Archers' ring from Dagannoth Supreme
  • 1/128 chance of Seercull from Dagannoth Supreme