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This is RuneScape. The world's most popular free to play MMO. Join over 200,000,000 registered adventurers as you explore the land of Gielinor, learn new skills, complete challenging quests, slay foul beasts and more. Create your own unique hero and embark on your greatest adventure; skilling, questing and fighting your way through hours of content.

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A guide to skills

Got skills? Gielinor boasts 29 hugely exciting skills for you to sink your teeth into; master these and you'll further advance through the game and deeper into the adventure!

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A guide to quests

Quests are at the heart of Gielinor's rich and immersive history. Learn more about the lore of RuneScape, gain hefty experience, meet new characters, develop your skills, earn new found treasure and much more. Meet gods, discover secrets and take on the ugliest of foes; questing keeps your heart racing and your adventure alight.

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A guide to combat

Become a brave and selfless warrior, master the art of magic and wizardry, take a talent for sharp shooting or hybrid your way through the darkest of dungeons using all three combat types. Prepare for battle!

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A guide to the world

There's a whole world to explore when you play RuneScape; from cities and towns, to dungeons and general stores, as well as training grounds and many more points of interest, Gielinor has it all!

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A guide to RuneScape

The RuneScape Wiki is a community-created resource covering almost everything in RuneScape in incredible depth.

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Upgrades & Extras

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There's never been a better time to upgrade and join the Member's Community; with extra quests and skills, plus even more, on offer, what are you waiting for?

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With Bonds, everyone benefits! Bonds can be gifted, used to buy items, or even help you pay through your play!

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A vault full of treasure

Treasure Hunter

Everyone's a winner in Treasure Hunter, use your keys to unlock Alice's chests and gain rewards beyond your wildest dreams.

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Solomon in his store

Solomon's Store

Head to Solomon's General Store to get your hands on outfits, animations, weapons, and more to make your character stand out from the crowd.

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