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Ways to Play

Choose how toPlay RuneScape

Game Client

Download RuneScape to start playing on your computer.

Windows | Mac

Companion App

Stay connected to RuneScape on the go! Available for iOS and Android.

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Play in your browser

Advanced Users: Play on any computer with a web browser. Requires Java plug-in.

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HTML5 Beta

Advanced Users: Try the experimental new graphics engine for RuneScape.

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More options

  • Get Technical Support for RuneScape.
  • Get the RuneScape Game Bar to access RuneScape with one click and get notifications about your account in your browser.
  • An unofficial Linux client is available. (Please note that Jagex is not responsible for the content of this client and players using it do so at their own risk.)
  • Interested in development? Take a look at the source code for the RuneScape client.