Vampyre's Riddle

Solve the riddle to discover

the Vampyre's darkest secrets...

Riddle #1 - The Stranger

Thank you, adventurer. There's a man in Canifis who can guide you onwards on your journey.

To help you on your quest, here are some tips:

When you think you have found the answer please include it into the URL like so:

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All of your answers should be written into the URL in lower case without any punctuation or spaces (otherwise the links will break and you won't be able to proceed on your journey).

Some of the riddles will require knowledge from the first Vampyre quest or for you to think slightly outside of the box. Try looking for alternative solutions.

Good luck on your quest, adventurer.

Riddle #1 - The Stranger

Mystified by the recent, strange events in Gielinor, you head to Canifis's Hair of the Dog tavern to take your mind

Off things. Upon entering the tavern, you notice an out of place, enigmatic stranger hiding in the corner.

Ridden with curiosity, you cautiously approach him, enquiring who he is.

Taken aback by your forthcoming, the stranger tells you that his name is Vanstrom Klause and explains more about

The affiliation he has with the Myreque - an organisation fighting vampyres to protect the citizens of Gielinor.

Overcome with guilt, he explains how the Myreque are low on weapons and admits that he doesn't have the time

Nor money available to deliver the weapons himself. Instead, he asks for your assistance in the weapons delivery.

Having heard the stories around the vampyres and the chaos they have caused, you agree to help him

Take the weapons to the Myreque. Vanstrom tells you that you must head to the "death-town" to find the

Mysterious boatman who is rumoured to be able to show you the Myreque's hideout. Hurry. You must leave now.

HINT: Stop at the start. "Where is the death-town?"