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The Most Versatile League Yet!

In Leagues III: Shattered Relics, you'll be free to explore the whole of Gielinor for the first time in any League. But there's a catch - The mysterious Sage has taken your Relics and shattered them into Fragments!

Collect and combine the Fragments to enhance your abilities, complete tasks, and unlock new activities to try!

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All-new Fragments System

The Relic Fragments have been scattered all over Gielinor - but while you're completing your normal skilling activities, you might just find some to add to your collection! The longer you have a Fragment equipped, the more XP it will gain and the more useful it will become.

Each Fragment has two Set Bonuses. If you equip enough Fragments with the same Set Bonus, you'll become even more powerful! Choose carefully and adjust your strategy to match the Fragments you've obtained.

Introducing The Sage

This enigmatic figure claims to have the ability to travel between the League Worlds, remaking them according to their whim. What do they want? Who do they work for? All will be revealed in future Leagues...

For now, we've brought you a thumping introduction to our third and biggest League. Featuring Tal Richards of ECHOS fame and vocal superstar Ciele, put your hands together for this year's League theme: 'Between Two Worlds'!

Are you prepared?

Leagues III kicks off on January 19th, 2022. Become a member to join in the fun!

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