Hardcore Ironman Accomplishments

Hardcore Ironman Mode is one of the most challenging ways to play Old School RuneScape. You must stand alone with the smallest of mistakes potentially ending your Hardcore journey.

Listed below are the first players to accomplish some of the more impressive feats on Hardcore accounts, as well as the accomplishments we are tracking that are yet to be achieved.

First to achieve a quest point capeHC Umea28/11/16
First to achieve an achievement diary capeActive Whale28/07/17
First to achieve a max capeGuile12/10/17
First to achieve an infernal capeH ard22/11/17
Achievement Diaries
First to complete the Ardougne achievement diaryWhy Shave15/02/17
First to complete the Desert achievement diaryHC Umea31/03/17
First to complete the Falador achievement diaryHC Umea26/03/17
First to complete the Fremennik achievement diaryHC Umea30/01/17
First to complete the Kandarin achievement diaryHC Umea19/02/17
First to complete the Karamja achievement diaryHC Umea29/03/17
First to complete the Lumbridge achievement diaryevonaabi07/01/17
First to complete the Morytania achievement diaryLe BearFace25/12/16
First to complete the Varrock achievement diaryHC Umea06/02/17
First to complete the Western achievement diaryHC Umea06/01/17
First to complete the Wilderness achievement diaryActive Whale29/05/17
First to complete Desert TreasureHcim slot15/11/16
First to complete Monkey MadnessKoda Is Hard11/11/16
First to complete Monkey Madness 2Maining27/11/16
First to complete Dragon Slayer 2LLIRSHSLSIEi04/01/18
Boss Kills
First Jad killDeath By DC16/11/16
First Zulrah killHC Hyger27/11/16
First Abyssal Sire killHC BEARD07/12/16
First Corporeal Beast killRoT Wins BTW05/12/16
First Venenatis killHCIMFailure29/11/16
First Callisto killRoT Wins BTW30/11/16
First Vet'ion kill4forty7seven21/11/16
First K'ril Tsutsaroth killHC Hyger26/11/16
First General Graardor killHC ForGG01/12/16
First Commander Zilyana killHC Hyger28/11/16
First Kree'arra killHC Hyger30/11/16
First Dagannoth Supreme killHC BEARD16/11/16
First Dagannoth Prime killJuan Try20/11/16
First Dagannoth Rex killFauxcus16/11/16
First Vorkath killLLIRSHSLSIEi04/01/18
Rare Drops
First Tyrannical Ring dropCaerus28/12/18
First Treasonous Ring dropRangerz27/04/18
First Ring of the Gods dropBet Joe Dies02/05/20
First Magic Fang dropCarlo24/02/17
First Serpentine Visage dropHC BEARD12/02/17
First Tanzanite Fang dropHC Umea04/02/17
First Unsired dropMiwi15/02/17
First Elysian Sigil dropOispa Kaljaa08/04/18
First Spectral Sigil dropHardc0reBruh04/06/19
First Arcane Sigil dropLowlander25/03/18
First Armadyl Hilt dropHC Hound02/11/17
First Bandos Hilt dropFuse is HARD23/05/17
First Saradomin Hilt dropwhite cat2204/05/17
First Zamorak Hilt dropMiwi08/03/17
First Berserker Ring dropHC Alfie01/12/16
First Warriors Ring dropCant kill HG28/12/16
First Seers Ring droplRAQI12/02/17
First Archers Ring droplRAQI10/02/17
Pet Drops
First Dagannoth Supreme petDatames04/09/17
First Dagannoth Prime petHardcore bud05/05/17
First Dagannoth Rex petHc TonyD22/03/17
First Kree'arra petwhite cat2231/07/17
First Graardor petHc Canadian01/02/18
First Zilyana petLLIRSHSLSIEi 23/12/17
First K'ril Tsutsaroth petFauxcus10/08/17
First TzTok-Jad petHardcore bud04/04/17
First Vet'ion pet--
First Callisto petLydia Kenney17/09/18
First Venenatis petBrettVenKilr04/11/19
First Scorpia pet--
First Chaos Elemental petClean Legs25/12/17
First King Black Dragon petApophis31/05/17
First Giant Mole petPerish3d03/01/17
First Corporeal Beast petHardc0reBruh16/09/19
First Zulrah petGuile07/04/17
First Kalphite Queen petSoulmourns10/04/18
First Cerberus petA Lex14/04/17
First Thermonuclear Smoke Devil petI Farted04/04/17
First Kraken petHC Umea28/12/16
First Abyssal Sire petFauxcus06/08/17
First Skotizo petHC Koss04/05/17
First Olm petHardBuldge07/08/17
First TzKal-Zuk petChrris11/08/18
First Vorki petDeathconnect07/06/19
First Noon/Midnight petSoulmourns18/03/18
Other Accomplishments
First to have 1 billion coins in bankShanksen21/02/19
First to complete a master clue scrollwhite cat2229/11/16