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Read on for the full details of our latest NXT client update!

Update - 25th July 2019

This NXT update helps to address the following issues.


The update has added the following:

  • Made a change to reduce potential dead inputs, especially at lower framerates.
  • Fixed misaligned interface borders in dungeoneering floor completion interface.
  • Fixed an issue causing players to occasionally stall briefly after completing a lodestone teleport.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the game window from correctly resizing when double clicking the title bar on Mac.
  • Fixed special characters sometimes causing messages to overlap in chat.
  • Fixed quest markers sometimes disappearing from map.
  • Fixed an issue with particles slowing down Mac clients, an example of this is P5 on Telos.
  • Improved loading times when loading into an animation heavy areas.
  • Fixed water rendering on Anachronia.

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