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Progress faster and make the best of your time in Gielinor by optimising your questing, skilling and killing. Upgrade to RuneMetrics Pro to gain access to powerful features such as real-time graphs, estimated time to level, rich and detailed historical data and more. You'll have the ultimate level-up tool at your disposal.

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Website Tracking Suite

RuneMetrics Pro gives you access to a host of powerful tracking tools, all available on our website. Track XP gained over months, days, hours or even minutes - keep track of all monsters killed and loot received - as well as your overall wealth!

Enhanced In-Game Tools

RuneMetrics Pro gives you access to extra features such as accurate XP per hour, ETA to next level and graphs generated from actions as you play. Plus, it's all displayed to you in real time!

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Fully optimised game time

Using all the extra data available, RuneMetrics Pro allows you to find out the best methods for your character and play style, what works best for you, and to ensure you're making the most of your game time.

Upgrade to RuneMetrics Pro

Upgrade now to unlock all of the extra features below:

(Free to all players)
RuneMetrics Pro
Mini Tracker Yes Yes
Enhanced XP Tracker Yes Yes
Drop Log Yes Yes
Basic Web Profile Yes Yes
Web Levels Summary Yes Yes
Web Activity Feed Yes Yes
XP per Hour / ETA to next level Yes
In game real-time Graphs Yes
Wealth change Yes
Combat stats Yes
Detailed Web Profile Yes
Web XP Gain Yes
Web Kill Log Yes
Web Drop Log Yes
Web Wealth Change Yes

RuneScape membership is not required to use RuneMetrics or RuneMetrics Pro.

Historical data is only tracked while your subscription is active. Not renewing your subscription may result in data tracking being stopped, and data being deleted in the future.

Web-based features are only available in English.