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welcome to the


...a barren wasteland where everything’s out to get you and all your items have to be made from scratch. It’s just you and your friends against the undead - no PvP here. Working in a group attracts hordes, but going it alone won’t save you either; zombies have keen ears, and the scent of flesh carries far.

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don't get


Although temporary, catching Zombeism will sap your health! But don’t panic: you can stave off the effects by taking an antidote or consuming modified shrimp before battle. You can get these from supply drops (you only have three minutes to find the crate, so keep an eye out) or in Falador. But remember, if you’re infected, you can’t get in!

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survival of the


If it’s any consolation, we’ve maxed your stats and thrown in some damn good rewards. But the trick is to make it count. When you feel you’re ready, start the timer. You’ll then have precisely one hour to rack up as many points as you can and get on the leaderboard for a chance at making the Finale (and claiming more thrilling prizes).

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triumph through


To make it into the top 1,000 players and go through to the Finale, you’ll need to kill as many zombies and rack up as many points as possible within an hour. Start your session by using your HUD in-game, and retry as many times as you’d like - we’ll keep your best score. You’ll have ten days to climb the leaderboard. The Finale will begin on October 28th.

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fall back


Falador is your safe space. That’s where the white knights will take you if you become inactive. If you die, you’ll respawn behind the blessed walls and a gravestone will appear where you died to mark the spot. Head to Falador to catch your breath or use bottle caps to buy supplies from Zrik. Banks will be open as usual should you need them, but space is limited and comes at a bottle cork premium!

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Click here to read up on the finale rule changes. Also, don't forget to go see all the amazing rewards you can earn by placing in the top ten! You can find those here.