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Join our members community and you'll gain access to a whole host of exclusive perks and amazing members-only content. Over 184 extra incredible quests, 11 formidable skills, 38 awesome minigames and so much more! Click on each section to see more information, click the cross to close.

  • Over 184 Quests

    Over 184 members only quests

    With 6 x more quests as a member, you have complete access to the multitude stories, adventures and personalities of RuneScape. Unravel the mysteries of Gielinor and unlock countless unique members only weapons, armour and equipment along the way.

  • Master an extra 11 Skills

    11 Exclusive Skills to Level

    Become the complete, all-round hero and gain mastery in the members-only skills of Agility, Herblore, Thieving, Slayer, Farming, Construction, Hunter, Summoning, Divination, Invention and Archaeology. Improve these skills and open up the path to incredible new adventures!

  • Exclusive Member Minigames

    38 members only minigames

    Team up with your friends to fend off a monster ambush in Pest Control, or take them on to protect your flag in Castle Wars. Brave the desert heat in the Agility Pyramid; learn powerful God Spells at the Mage Arena, and much more!

  • Make your own Home and Port

    Build your own home & port

    Only as a member can you design your own house, add rooms and furniture store your items and repair armour; or become a harbourmaster, upgrade your port and staff your fleet to explore far-off locations to return with exotic treasures.

  • Loyalty Programme Exclusive to members

    Loyalty Programme

    The longer you're a member, the more loyalty points you earn! Spend your points in Solomon's General Store on over 200 different items, ranging from Outfits and Emotes to Animations, Teleports and more!

  • 3x Larger World To Explore

    3x Larger World to Explore

    All of Gielinor is yours to discover. Unlock and explore perilous new kingdoms; brave the Kharidian Desert heat, the freezing winds of the Fremennik Province, take on the armies of the God Wars Dungeon, and so much more. A vast world awaits!


How to Become a Member

Joining the world's most phenomenal MMO is easy! All major credit and debit cards are accepted, as are other secure payment methods such as PayPal, PayByCash, PayBySMS and many more. Membership cards are available to purchase at participating stores, and make a great gift for friends.

Just a single small monthly fee grants you access to everything listed here, or take advantage of our package discounts. Purchase a 12 month membership package and save more than 25%! Sign up to RuneScape today, and fulfil your destiny of becoming the ultimate hero!

Payment Options:

Or pay through your play with Bonds
Free Players Members
Quests 35 219+
Skills 17 28
Minigames 7 45+
Treasure Hunter Keys/Day 1 2
10% Discount to Solomon's General Store NO YES
Armour and Weapons Limited Full
Bank Space 103 571+
Character Customisation Limited Full
Game World Access Limited Full
Loyalty Programme NO YES
Auras NO YES
Costumes NO YES
Emotes NO YES
Titles NO YES
Recolours NO YES
Character Name Changing NO YES
Clan Citadels NO YES
Grand Exchange Slots 3 8
Player Housing NO YES
Skill Capes NO YES
Transport and Navigation Limited Full
Customer Support Yes Priority
Full Screen Graphics NO YES

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