Clan Cup

Clan Cup!

Big Game Hunter

Welcome to our dedicated page for the upcoming Clan Cup! This time around our focus is on Big Game Hunter!

This Clan Cup is scheduled to start on Monday, August 19th and will last for a week!


For this Clan Cup, you'll be competing to see who can skin the most dinosaurs! Each player will have three one-hour attempts throughout the week. These sessions can be abandoned and restarted at any time.

A session lasts for one hour. During this time, we'll be tracking how many dinosaurs you are able to skin in Big Game Hunter.

Please note that you cannot start your session if you are already inside a Big Game Hunter encounter. You must also meet the minimum requirement of 75 Hunter and 55 Slayer in order to participate - this, however can be boosted!

The following bonuses are active during your Clan Cup session:

  • You will receive one Hunter Mark for each Dinosaur skinned at the end of your session, for example if your session finishes with a score of 20, you'll get 20 hunter marks at the end of it.
  • For the duration of the Clan Cup session, multi spawn encounters will be disabled to try and keep it fair throughout.
  • During your Clan Cup session, the Dinosaurs will never go into hiding. This means that you can dedicate a full hour to hunting.
  • While in a Clan Cup session in a Big Game Hunter encounter Surge, Bladed Dive, Barge & Escape will have a cooldown of 10 seconds (essentially the effects of the Mobile perk.)


For the purposes of fairness across this Cup, the following restrictions are in place:

  • The Dwarven Chainaxe will be unable to give you double logs/vines while in a Clan Cup session on Big Game Hunter
  • The Ring of Whispers will not boost your chance to get a log/vine in Big Game Hunter
  • The Lumberjack Aura will not boost your chance to get a log/vine in Big Game Hunter
  • The Nature Sentinel outfits will not boost your chance to get a log/vine in Big Game Hunter
  • The Perfect Juju Woodcutting Potion will not boost your chance to get double logs/vines in Big Game Hunter
  • The Hunter Lodge bonuses will not work in Big Game Hunter
  • The Honed perk will not work in Big Game Hunter
  • The Prism of Salvation will not work in Big Game Hunter
  • While not in a Clan Cup session, these restrictions will not be in place.

    How does my clan enter?

    In the past we've asked you to post on the forum to enter a Clan Cup, but for this Clan Cup we're doing things differently.

    The only prerequisite to have your scores counted is that at least 10 clan members need to have submitted a session score. This means a clan with 500 members can't win by sheer numbers, it's all down to each clan to be as efficient as possible!

    How can I see my clan's progress?

    We won't have hiscores for this, but we're more than happy to gather your Clan's data provided you've hit the pre-requisite above. We'll aim to post a top 10 update every day!

    If you're not in the top 10 let us know and we can try to generate your clan's results after the completion of the Cup.

    If the level of interest is high enough we can investigate much better methods to track clan progress, but no promises!

    How does my clan win?

    Your session data will be sent to us automatically. We'll then take each clan's top 10 highest players and combine them into a total score. The clan with the highest total score will be the winner. This is a much improved process which should make determining our winners and distributing the rewards much faster!


    1st (winners!) - Access to the Crystal avatar, clan stickied thread in recruitment and 12% xp boost/100% faster capping for a month!

    2nd to 10th (runners up): Access to the Crystal avatar and 9% XP/75% faster capping for a month!

    Good luck!