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Skill List

Agility Skill

Agility is a members' skill which gives access to various shortcuts around RuneScape.

The advantages of a high Agility level are many: you will be able to access new locations, take quicker routes from place to place, improve your abilities in other skills, run further and recharge your run energy quicker.

Construction Skill

Construction is a very flexible members' skill: you use it to help build the contents of your very own house or make items to sell to other players.

Building a good quality house with Construction is not only fun and easy, but beneficial to a variety of other skills.

There are 5 Construction categories

Cooking Skill

Cooking is useful, because eating food restores lost life points. Players new to the skill may find that they often burn food that they try to cook. The more your Cooking level increases, the less food you will burn.

As your Cooking skill increases, you will also have access to a wider range of foods that you are able to cook.

There are 5 Cooking categories

Crafting Skill

With Crafting, you will find yourself able to produce a variety of objects, many of which are sought after and will fetch a good price if you decide to part with them.

Crafting is a very flexible skill, and can help you train most other skills - be it an amulet to watch your crops, or armour to help you range.

Dungeoneering Skill

Daemonheim is a vast dungeon where you can train your Dungeoneering skill. Your Dungeoneering level, in turn, will allow you to delve deeper in to Daemonheim, bringing you closer to the secrets found in its depths.

Farming Skill

Farming is a members' skill that enables you to grow various resources that can be used in a number of other skills, such as Herblore and Cooking, as well as providing you with a source of raw food.

There are 5 Farming categories

Firemaking Skill

Since the dawn of civilisation, people have had the gift of fire, and RuneScape is no exception.

Firemaking is one of the most fundamental skills in RuneScape. By making fires it is possible to cook food when you have no access to a cooking range.

Fishing Skill

Fishing is a popular method of obtaining food due to the number and variety of fishing spots found throughout RuneScape.

You will need to buy the correct fishing equipment, specific to the type of fishing spot you wish to use. All of the equipment that you may need can be bought from fishing shops.

Fletching Skill

Fletching allows you to create ranged weapons and ammunition.

It is also a fun and quick way of making money! As your Fletching skill improves, you will be able to shape a wider variety of items, from a multitude of wood types.

There are 5 Fletching categories

Herblore Skill

Herblore is a members' skill that allows you to create potions and poisons.

Herbs can be obtained through farming, drops or direct purchase. As your Herblore level increases, you become able to make more potent potions that can aid you in combat or restore you from injury.

There are 5 Herblore categories

Hunter Skill

To begin learning the members' skill Hunter, you will have to study the art of deadfalling, bird snares and tracking.

This is the joy of Hunter - there are so many different ways of becoming a proficient hunter and there are a whole host of catchable creatures to help you on your way.

There are 5 Hunter categories

Magic Skill

Magic is one of the most useful and versatile skills within RuneScape.

Once you have learnt to use it properly, you'll find that Magic complements many other skills within the game, while also acting as an incredibly powerful combat skill.

There are 5 Magic categories

Melee Combat

Melee combat is divided into three skills: Attack, Strength and Defence.

Attack will determine your accuracy when fighting and will increase your consistency when hitting opponents. Strength will determine how hard you hit your opponent. Finally, Defence relates to how resilient you are to attacks and how often your opponent will hit you.

Mining Skill

Mining is the skill with which you extract ores from rocks. These ores can be smelted into bars and smithed into useful items such as armour and weapons using the Smithing skill.

Before you are able to start Mining, you will need to acquire a key piece of equipment commonly known as the pickaxe.

There are 5 Mining categories

Prayer Skill

Prayer is a skill which works best alongside your primary combat style (be it Magic, melee or Ranged).

Through the use of prayers you can temporarily increase stats, reduce damage, and protect against various attacks.

There are 5 Prayer categories

Ranged Combat

Ranged is a useful skill to develop as part of your arsenal. It allows you to attack opponents from great distances, using a variety of projectile weapons. The bow and arrow is the most common ranged weapon.

You can also train your Ranged skill using other weapons, such as throwing knives, darts and javelins.

There are 4 Ranged categories

Runecrafting Skill

Runecrafting takes place at rune altars, using rune essence.

Runes are the main components of casting magical spells. Using different combinations of runes will allow a player to cast different spells.

There are 5 Runecrafting categories

Slayer Skill

Some monsters are impervious to the attacks of those who have not trodden the path of the Slayer.

Slayer is a members' only skill that allows you to kill those strange creatures that you may previously have thought immune to your attacks.

Smithing Skill

The Smithing skill allows you to create a variety of items from ore and metal bars.

Bars are created from ore through the process of smelting, and these bars are smithed into items using an anvil and hammer.

There are 5 Smithing categories

Summoning Skill

For many centuries now, the druids of Taverley and some of the ogre shamans of Gu'Tanoth have been bringing familiars into Gielinor from the spirit realm to help them with a variety of tasks.

With the members' only skill Summoning, you can enjoy the curious advantages that come with this ability.

There are 5 Summoning categories

Thieving Skill

With the members' skill Thieving, it’s easy enough to get started, but fairly hard to stop.

Once you begin mastering this skill you will find new opportunities become open to you. Locked doors become nothing more than a minor inconvenience, chests spring open welcomingly at your touch, while you will also discover an uncanny gift for 'acquiring' those things around you that your heart desires but your purse cannot afford.

There are 5 Thieving categories

Woodcutting Skill

One of the simplest ways in which people make a living in RuneScape, Woodcutting is the art of cutting down trees.

The Woodcutting skill can benefit you in many ways, many of which involves using your logs for Firemaking, while members can use them to fletch items.


Divination is a members only skill that allows you to create products such as portents, signs and divine locations.

The skill is a gathering and manufacturing skill focussed around the gathering of the energies released after the death of Guthix.

There are 5 Divination Categories