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The smith at the Void Knight Outpost will repair hatchets and Barrows armor.

Runes purchased at the Outpost's magic store are marginally cheaper than other stores in Gielinor.

Ration packs purchased at the general store are excellent for healing injuries.

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Void Knight Outpost

To underestimate the work of the Void Knights would be to endanger the very fabric of Gielinor itself. The Void Knights have been keeping the universal balance intact, doing all they can to stave off the evil seeping through from other worlds.

The Void Knight Outpost lies far to the south of Gielinor, further even than Ape Atoll. Being so far away and inaccessible to the general public is an advantage that works in their favour and allows them to complete their arduous task away from those who could so easily be hurt or put in harm's way.

The Void Knights are guardians of a tear in the fabric of space and time itself, where monsters from other dimensions might enter Gielinor and wreak havoc. It’s their duty to use their immense strength to destroy anything that comes their way, and make sure that nothing harms the planar stability of Gielinor.

The island outpost itself is away from the conflict. To battle the dangers coming through from other realities, adventurers will have to sign up at the landers to head to Pest Control.


Void Knights' Outpost

Because the Void Knights have such a difficult job, they’re happy enough for people to travel to their outpost free of charge – so long as they understand that they’re putting themselves at serious risk.

The only way to reach the outpost is by catching a boat from Port Sarim.

Points of Interest

Void Knights' Outpost

Because they live so far away from civilisation, the Void Knights have to make sure they’re entirely self-sufficient. The island has everything they would ever need, such as anvils to keep equipment repaired, supplies from the general store, ranged and magic equipment, a bank and much more.

Pest Control is the area where beasts from other realms enter Gielinor, intent on causing destruction and chaos. The north of the island holds the Conquest Training Facility, where adventurers can hone their commanding abilities.


Void Knights

Void Knights

The Void Knights are the epitome of discipline and teamwork. They always seem to be on the same wavelength as they go about their tasks with no discernible leader in sight. Each Void Knight has an incredible knowledge of the history of Gielinor, and a deep understanding of the secrets of their mission. As well as being interesting to talk to, they are willing to trade armour with, train and supply adventurers with enough Commendations.

Void Knights can be found throughout the Outpost.



The bravest, most powerful and honorable warriors that earn the respect of the Void Knights are invited to train with them as squires. They will train alongside them for many years, going through a number of hardships to prove themselves worthy of becoming a Void Knight. Once accepted into the order, they will be privy to the secrets and mysteries of Guthix.

Squires can be found throughout the Outpost.