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The World

Where To Find


  • Champions' guild
  • Legends' guild
  • Daemonheim
  • The crossroads north of Falador
  • Varrock Palace
  • Falador, in Sir Amik Varze’s room
  • Entrana Cathedral
  • Upper floor of the Monastery
  • Port Sarim chapel
  • East Ardougne Castle
  • Taverley Dungeon, outside the Black Knights' Base
  • Warriors' Guild


  • Three's Company Fremennik Saga

The Heroes of RuneScape

Sir Owen

P eople like Sir Owen get to where they are because they keep their eyes permanently fixed on their goals. Sir Owen's unwavering determination to be the best has seen him become one of the most established Temple Knights. He was also once a member of the White Knights, where his strength as a melee warrior won him immense acclaim from the elite.

Sir Owen

Born in Falador, Sir Owen's steely resolve had seen him rise through the ranks of the White Knights. But his methods were at odds with those of the conservative knights and he was due to be dismissed, until the Temple Knights recruited him and helped him fulfil his undoubted potential. He has been given licence to pursue their aims through any methods he chooses, such is the respect he commands. He believes that all of his actions are watched over by Saradomin, and he will use any means necessary to complete his tasks.

Sir Owen has a gauntlet about the throat of criminal activity in Asgarnia and beyond. He will do anything he can to rid the realm of evil.