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You are not permitted to take anything into the dungeons of Daemonheim, so it may be more convenient to bank your equipment before heading out. Do not worry if you forget, however, as there is a Fremennik banker outside the castle entrance.

Players with level 30 Dungeoneering will be able to find a mysterious entrance on the Daemonheim peninsula.

The World of RuneScape


Many who have returned from the Wilderness say it’s the worst, most brutal place they’ve ever visited in Gielinor. Those who have returned from Daemonheim, however, marvel how they still have their minds intact. Many struggle to believe the stories of Daemonheim; there’s no way such a place can be steeped in so much evil, can there?

The journey into Daemonheim is an indicator of how brutal the place can be. Heading there on foot leaves you susceptible to attacks from other players, as the path overlaps the southern reaches of The Wilderness. Only the determined will make it through, but for those who want to remain safe, you can also reach Daemonheim via a relatively safe boat passage from Al Kharid.

Those who have entered the dungeons underneath Daemonheim have either failed to live to tell the tale, or have emerged catatonic, such are the horrors within. Many feel that Daemonheim presents a sterner, more gruesome test than the Wilderness does. It’s a very recent discovery, which may explain why the foul smell of evil is so concentrated and pungent. It needs particularly brave adventurers to enter it and clear it out.


Daemonheim lies to the east of The Wilderness and north of Morytania. More sensible adventurers may choose to head to Lumbridge or Al Kharid, where an uncomfortably dressed Fremennik shipmaster waits on a jetty to take the boldest of men and women to face the dangers of Daemonheim. Such arrivals will then only face a brief walk west from the Daemonheim docks to reach the castle itself.

Points of Interest


The dungeons beneath Daemonheim are filled to the brim with vile beasts that have no concept of mercy. Bones scatter the dungeon floors and the sheer smell of murder and death is enough to turn the bravest warrior's stomach.

The Fremennik prepare themselves above ground, waiting to descend to the depths below to explore. They mutter to themselves, wondering how Guthix could allow such a wicked place to exist. The ruins themselves are older than those found almost anywhere else in Gielinor, and seem to date at least as far back as the days of the God Wars. What happened to the ruin's former master, only the Fremennik seers are likely to know.


Dungeoneering Tutor

Dungeoneering tutor

The Dungeoneering Tutor commands huge respect for being one of the first few Fremennik to actually reach Daemonheim. But, despite his time there, his knowledge is patchy, with the imperfections becoming more apparent the more questions are asked. To be fair to him, not many would take on the challenge of spending their life in such a hellish place…

The Dungeoneering Tutor can be found close to the entrance of the ruined castle at the peak of the Daemonheim peninsula.



The Smuggler’s iron will and sense of adventure has seen him develop an intricate knowledge of the tunnels and channels below Daemonheim, allowing him to avoid most major conflicts with the horrors within. His less-agreeable lifestyle as a Smuggler is overlooked because of his innate ability to explore and reach further into the depths than previously thought possible.

Local Dangers


The number and range of dangers beneath Daemonheim far exceeds the ability of this scribe to count, and so the only advice that can be offered is to be prepared for all manner of challenges. Oh, and to read the Dungeoneering section of the Game Guide.