Player Driven Updates...

The community is in full control of Old School RuneScape, voting on which updates are introduced to ensure that the classic retro feel is maintained. Some of the updates that have been voted in so far:

God Wars Dungeon

Epic sized boss dungeon dropping some of the most powerful weapons in game.

Free to Play Style Worlds

Players can enjoy the F2P mass clan environment for a more intense PVP experience.

Nightmare Zone

Re-live your fight against quest bosses. Take part in the hard mode for an extra challenge and invite your friends to rumble mode.

Game Features

Old School Graphics

Authentic Graphics

Classic RuneScape 2007 game graphics.

Old School Combat

Old School Combat System

Old School PvP mechanics and combat system.

Old School Levelling System

Levelling System

Challenging and rewarding levelling experience.

Old School PVP

Massive PVP Area

Join a clan and become ruler of the wilderness.

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