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Gain access to even more content and exclusive perks. Explore a world 3x larger, experience over 8x more campaign-length quests, train and utilise additional skills, even own a house and a port. All that and more, plus gain access to the classic RPG experience, 'Old School RuneScape'.

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Loyalty Programme

Become a member and start earning loyalty points, redeemable in-game for character outfits, emotes, animations and more. Sign up now and you’ll receive a bonus 500 loyalty points – you’ll receive more loyalty points and at a faster rate the longer you’re a member!

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Solomon's General Store

New outfits, accessories, pets, titles and more – they’re all to be found in Solomon’s General Store. Purchase some RuneCoins, our in-game currency, to take advantage of all the great offers.

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RuneScape Bonds

Purchasable on our website and tradeable in-game, Bonds can be redeemed for RuneScape membership, Treasure Hunter keys, RuneCoins and more. With Bonds, keep your wallet in your pocket and pay for your membership with in-game wealth, gift membership to a friend or trade Bonds for any in-game items.

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Treasure Hunter

Coffers filled with riches await you. Pick a chest, insert a key and its treasures are yours. Fabulous prizes to be won with one free key every day and extra keys available for purchase.

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All of these are optional - you can still play absolutely FREE.

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