Top Trumps

What is Top Trumps?

Ever wondered whether Nomad could outmuscle TzTok-Jad? Or speculated about the age of a Dragonkin? Look no further than RuneScape Top Trumps: Monsters - a card-battling game for two players or more.

Play with friends and beat their score in one of five different categories to win their card. Aim for complete domination!

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Kree'arra is the mightiest of the aviansie and a general of Armadyl: the god of freedom and justice. Kree'arra led his surviving people into the God Wars Dungeon, where he defends them to this day, waiting for the return of his beloved god.

Height (m) 6.4

Combat level 210

Age 2,600

Quest factor 8

Years in RuneScape 7

Commander Zilyana

Commander Zilyana

Commander Zilyana - also known as Saint Zilyana - is a loyal follower of Saradomin and has commanded his armies for decades. Proud to a fault, Zilyana has never fallen in battle, save for a humiliating defeat at the hands of her rival, K'ril Tsutsaroth.

Height (m) 3.8

Combat level 210

Age 2,500

Quest factor 15

Years in RuneScape 7

King Black Dragon

King Black Dragon

Dragons are tough as it is, but the King Black Dragon is heads and shoulders above the rest. Bred on Gielinor by the Dragonkin, and breathing fire, poison and ice, the King Black Dragon is rivalled in power only by the Queen Black Dragon.

Height (m) 10

Combat level 120

Age 13,000

Quest factor 5

Years in RuneScape 12

Saradomin Colossus

Saradomin Colossus

Saradomin - god of law - favours grand gestures and decisive force when he goes to war. In the Saradominist Colossus, he commands a magically animated siege engine that can toss holy boulders over great distances.

Height (m) 6.8

Combat level 180

Age 2,500

Quest factor 1

Years in RuneScape 1

Evil Chicken

Evil Chicken

A fowl beast with a taste for human flesh. Everything tastes like human to the Evil Chicken. There was a time when the Evil Chicken would freely roam the surface of Gielinor, pecking at anyone who gave him the eye, but now he's happily retired, and his mauling days are behind him.

Height (m) 0.5

Combat level 110

Age 36

Quest factor 6

Years in RuneScape 9

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30 RuneScape greats are playable in this deck, including: the mighty Queen Black Dragon; powerful necromancer Lucien; great axe-wielding Barrows brother Dharok; the insane Evil Chicken; and Vorago, the strongest monster in Gielinor.

RuneScape Top Trumps

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