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The World

Where To Find


  • Legends' guild
  • Daemonheim
  • Warriors’ Guild
  • Gnome/Khazard Battlefield
  • Ancient Cavern
  • Chaos Dwarf Battlefield
  • Wilderness Volcano
  • Asgarnian Ice Dungeon
  • Crandor and Karamja Dungeon

The Heroes of RuneScape

The Raptor

T he Raptor looms over all who would dare approach him. His reputation precedes him - he always appears to be in the midst of a fight, battling only the strongest opponents and the toughest challenges. No-one knows his origins. He's constantly clad in extraordinarily heavy armor, lugging weapons that no ordinary man could ever hope to lift.

The Raptor

Despite his imposing demeanour, The Raptor is a powerful being who commands respect, and will only engage in conversation with those he deems worthy. Getting his attention means taking up arms and slaughtering something large and powerful...

The Raptor is shrouded in mystery. A silent, lumbering brute who's incredibly skilled in most forms of combat, it's better making friends with him than getting on his wrong side.