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The World

Where To Find


  • Champions' guild
  • Legend's guild
  • Daemonheim
  • Mining Guild
  • Keldagrim, Blast Furnace
  • Crafting Guild
  • Ancient Cavern, dragon forges
  • Dorgesh-Kaan
  • Thurgo’s hut
  • Al Kharid furnace


  • Deadliest Catch

The Heroes of RuneScape


L inza has travelled the world in the name of artisanry. The terms that are attributed to her - master smith, expert craftswoman - are of no interest to her; she simply wants to perfect and improve the human form through fabric and metal. Her aim is to smith and craft weapons and armour that are feather-light, diamond-hard and resilient as the continents themselves.


Linza is obsessed with artisanry, and has perfected smithing beyond her peers. She's old-fashioned in the truest sense of the word, shunning industrial machines in favour of techniques that have long been dismissed as archaic by other smiths. The simplicity of a balanced sword is a comfort to her, as she searches for new techniques that will advance the world's knowledge of smithing and crafting.