Captivating Quests

Lose yourself in the adventure with over 180+ campaign-length quests, each delivering an unparalleled depth of storytelling. Battle vampires, dragons and pirates – even slay the gods that claim dominion over mortals.

Random Dungeons

Team up with fellow adventurers and raid randomised dungeons! Survive swarms of beasts, defeat hulking bosses and emerge victorious – with loot!

All about the Skills

Be capable of anything and everything. Raise any or all of more than 26 unique skills, with new unlocks at virtually every level. Become a farmer, blacksmith, hunter or summoner - or choose to become all at once!

Raise your Own Pets

Travel the world with dragons, baby trolls and golden chinchompas. Feed, raise and personalise your companions!

Design & Build a Home

Design, construct and customise your own home. Build workshops, gardens and dungeons before inviting friends over to party.

Manage a Sea Port

Become master of your own port! Build ships, recruit crews and chart the unexplored reaches of the Eastern Lands.

Command a Clan Citadel

Team up with friends to claim ownership of a castle in the sky and unlock a clan avatar to fight with you in battle!

Plus more Amazing Features

PVP Combat

Player vs Player (PVP) Combat

Take part in a spot of player-killing (PKing) within the Wilderness and Duel Arena. There's more than enough fighting to satisfy an adventurer's bloodlust!

Mini Games

Mini adventure Games & Challenges

Stuck for something to do or looking for a distraction? Play cooperatively or competitively in a broad range of fun adventure games. Complete daily challenges for lucrative rewards.

RuneScape World Event

MMO World Events

Take part in history, as gods battle for control of the world. Choose a side, affect future in-game storyline and change the geography of Gielinor forever.

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