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Vanstrom Klause Location


  • Darkmeyer upper tier


  • In Search of the Myreque
  • In Aid of the Myreque
  • Darkness of Hallowvale
  • Legacy of Seergaze
  • Branches of Darkmeyer
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The Villains of RuneScape

Darkmeyer: Vanstrom Klause

V anstrom Klause is not one to give up easily. Although the Myreque have scurried from base to base, avoiding his attempts to stamp them out, he has not been discouraged or disheartened - if indeed there ever was a heart in his cold chest. Although the Myreque have put roots into new soil and sprouted up again and again like the Blisterwood Tree, he has not given up his quarry. He will not stop till the Myreque are obliterated, and it is an offense to him that they deign to live.

Vanstrom Klause

Vanstrom - an immortal, bloodthirsty, evil vampyre of incredible power - has already murdered two Myreque members in cold blood, and will use his tricks and powers of manipulation to root out more. To this end, Vanstrom has been granted exceptional power by Drakan himself to exterminate them.

Vanstrom is formidable in combat, whether in a disguised human form or vampyric form. In human form, he's able to fire blood magic, while he can use a massive array of special attacks in his true vampyre form. As with other vampyres, he is immune to the ring of recoil and Deflection curse, although the other ancient curses still have an effect on him. Consider this information when fighting one of the most formidable vampyres in Morytania.