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There is a trail of coins north of the town. It might be worth following to see where it leads…

The Mausoleum in the south of the town conceals the entry to the Edgeville Dungeon, as well as having a small garden in which yew trees and nettles can be found growing.

If you intend to wander into the Wilderness to play Clan Wars with some friends, it's probably worth buying a Wilderness cape to easily identify who is on your side. Richard is a cape seller located just north of the town.

Hari lives by the river east of Edgeville and will show you how to make a canoe that leads through an underground tunnel deep into the Wilderness (this is strictly a one-way journey).

The World of RuneScape


The decision to cross into The Wilderness should lie with you and you entirely. Make the trip into the Wilderness when you’re not ready and you could stand to lose all your items by being killed by players stronger than yourself.

Edgeville is an incredibly popular resort town for the battle-hardened. Most of its popularity lies in its location near The Wilderness, as it acts as a hub for adventurers preparing to find riches in the vast player-killing environment to the north.


Edgeville sits in the north-west corner of Misthalin. Directly south is the Barbarian Village, where some semblance of previous ages can be seen. East is Varrock, the capital of Misthalin, the closest point of which is the Grand Exchange, just over the river.

To the west of the town is the Monastery, where adventurers can have their faith restored by the monks - a useful service for those who went into the Wilderness without being properly prepared. With the construction of the wall to prevent the incursion of Wilderness monsters, a safe path to the Monastery has been created for adventurers and residents of Edgeville alike.

Points of Interest


The bank of Edgeville is one of the city’s central features, with no other bank being situated so close to the Wilderness. It's convenient, allowing players to retrieve weapons and items before they head north, should they so choose.

Oziach - who makes runite platebodies and green dragonhide body armour - can smith the draconic visage onto anti-dragonbreath shields for a fee. Members will find a Mage of Zamorak to the north of town, just inside the Wilderness, who will teleport them to the Abyss provided they have given him some assistance...

Members can discover the vault of extreme evil and DOOM that lies beneath Edgeville. Yes, Edgeville is home to Evil Dave, possibly the most wicked and evil human to roam RuneScape - his cruelty only matched by his reluctance to actually do anything evil.

Also beneath the town, and possibly almost as evil as Evil Dave's Basement of DOOM, are the wicked depths of Edgeville Dungeon.

The nearby Wilderness is the greatest danger to adventurers, simply because of its lawless nature. Player-Vs-player battles threaten the loss of all your items should you lose, meaning that you must be absolutely prepared before you enter, and you must accept whatever consequences come your way. The spoils of victory can be immense if you put the hard work in…




Nobody creates and fixes armour in Gielinor quite like Oziach, but there’s a great price to sampling such skill and mastery. Oziach’s pride means that he believes not just anybody should be privy to his wares. Many have to prove themselves to even be considered as serious customers.

Oziach can be found in his house in the northwest of town.



Mandrith’s goliath frame, stance, booming voice and impressive clothing mean he commands the respect of all who meet him and cross his path. He is descended from the first clans of men, whose tribe has been cursed for centuries following the first murder on the plains of Gielinor. For such a heinous act, his people have been cursed to an eternity watching over those who would do the same.

Mandrith loiters menacingly in Edgeville bank.

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