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You can purchase both the bone dagger and the bone crossbow from Nardok. You will need to complete the Death to the Dorgeshuun quest to make best use of them.

Once you have completed Death to the Dorgeshuun, you will find that the cave goblin guides will also take you to the watermill cellar.

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Cave Goblin Mines

Goblins are often portrayed as half-witted and with an uncanny ability to act before they think. Below Lumbridge, however, resides a goblin race who are very much in charge of their wits, and are more considered in their actions than the most steadfast of humans.

Long ago, during the days of the God Wars, a tribe of goblins fled the dangers above ground to mine down beneath the soil. Though these cave goblins are descended from the common battle-loving goblins across Gielinor, these ones have evolved at a much faster rate, learning how to reason with others and satisfy their intelligence.

They call themselves the Dorgeshuun, and are an incredibly secretive race that is still battling with its paranoia of humans. And justifiably so – they’re persecuted by H.A.M (Humans Against Monsters) and have spent so long in the mines that they’re understandably wary of the light.


Cave Goblin Mines

The Cave Goblin Mines extend over a large area, the tips of which reach into the Lumbridge Castle cellar and the Lumbridge Swamp Dungeon. Neither of these entry points can be accessed until you have started the Lost Tribe quest, and you will need a pickaxe to unblock the passages.

Points of Interest

Cave Goblin Mines

Be careful when venturing into these mines. Those who are encountering the area for the first time will be susceptible to the traps in the area, which are varied and dangerous. The Dorgeshuun know how to navigate them without any trouble, though – earning their trust will provide you with guides that will help you find your way around when visiting again in the future.

Within the Cave Goblin Mine are a number of mining spots, where a variety of ores can be found. The Dorgeshuun have little access to wood, so use bone to construct their weapons, which can be purchased from a particularly secretive goblin called Nardok.

The cellar features a chest which can be used as a bank, but only those who have begun to work against the Culinaromancer in the Recipe for Disaster quest will have access to it.




Mistag commands a lot of respect among his peers for the work he does in and around the mines. He’s in charge of the Dorgeshuun mining operations, and has been a key figure in helping the community become what it is today.

Local Dangers

Cave goblin miner

Cave goblin miner

(Level 11)

Cave goblin guard

Cave goblin guard

(Level 24/26)