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Available for Download

Note: You don't need to download any of these files to play RuneScape. You can play the game directly in your web browser by pressing "Play Runescape" on the front page.

The following files are bonus extras which are provided in addition to the game for players who want them.

Game Client

Game Client

  • Launch RuneScape directly from your desktop, without all that browser clutter
  • Doesn't require administrator privileges for your PC or Mac
  • The application is open source. For a copy of the source, click here.

If you are having problems, please visit the technical support section of the RuneScape Wiki for trouble shooting tips.

Linux Game Client

Unix / Linux Game Client (rsu-client)

  • Launch RuneScape directly from your Linux desktop
  • This client was made available thanks to HikariKnight and the RS Linux Community.

For help with this client please visit the Hikari Knight RSU-Client GitHub page.

Please note: Jagex is not responsible for the content of this client and players using it do so at their own risk.
Game Bar

RuneScape Game Bar

  • Access RuneScape with one click of a button
  • Reminders for Tears of Guthix, Bork, Skeletal Horror, Phoenix Lair and more
  • Live feed of news and blogs
  • Keep track of your Grand Exchange offers.
Betrayal Novel

RuneScape Novel - Betrayal at Falador

  • Download three chapters of RuneScape's first novel.
  • Begin the epic saga of Black Knights, werewolves and unholy deception.
  • Continue the story by buying Betrayal at Falador here
World Map

World Map (5th November 2013)

Get the complete RuneScape world map as an image. Right-click on the "Download Now" link and click on "Save Target/Link As..." to download.

Audio Assets

Audio Assets

A selection of RuneScape music to use in your RuneScape videos or just to listen to!

These are RuneScape tracks that we've remixed from the in-game originals, as well as audio versions of the pirate quest series sea shanties.

Duel Cards

Duel Cards

Ten RuneScape Duel cards for you to download, print out and use to defeat your friends!

Ever wondered which of RuneScape's biggest creature would win in a scrap? Download and print out ten Runescape Duel cards by using the links below, and pit creatures like TzTok-Jad against the might of the Corporeal Beast. The rules couldn't be simpler: beat your opponent by winning all their cards, and win their cards by having higher Attack, Magic, Ranged, Agility and RuneScape Power. For the full rules, click on the right-hand link below.

Right-click on a link and click on "Save Target/Link As..." to download.

Xmas Cards

Christmas Cards

Bring a bit of Bob the cat into the lives of your friends and family this Christmas. Meowy Christmas!

Right-click on a link and click on "Save Target/Link As..." to download.



Show which side you chose for the Easter 2012 event with these posters.

Right-click on a link and click on "Save Target/Link As..." to download.


Fansite Icons

100x100px icons of all the items on the grand exchange, for use on fansites.