RuneScape Beta Programme

Welcome to the RuneScape 3 HTML5 Open Beta

This is our ambitious new experiment to offer a cutting-edge RuneScape experience with an all new graphics engine delivering stunning visuals never seen before in the browser.

HTML5 offers amazing potential but it's still an emerging technology which isn't comprehensively supported by current mainstream web browsers. This means our HTML5 beta client could exhibit inconsistent performance and stability for some players. This beta phase allows early adopters to join our experiment and get a taste of what we think will be the future of browser gaming. HTML5 can be demanding on your computer so only more modern machines are suitable – be sure to check the recommended specifications below.



Please Note: This is a beta and therefore liable to crashes and bugs.
Please take additional care during challenging gameplay that could result in the loss of your items.

HTML5 Beta News

There are currently no news items for Betas.