Audio Assets

Audio Assets

A selection of RuneScape music to use in your RuneScape videos or just to listen to!

These range from in-game music to tracks that we've remixed from the in-game originals, as well as audio versions of the pirate quest series sea shanties.

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Albums Albums

Hearts and Diamonds Hearts and Diamonds

The Ozan double-bill was a treasure trove of tracks, from kinetic string pieces to more atmospheric street sounds. We can now present the diamonds from that treasure trove.

Carnillean Rising Carnillean Rising

A smattering of tracks from Carnillean Rising, a quest that casts you in the role of quest-giver. Close your eyes and you can almost smell the wolf fur and sewers.

Crucible Crucible

The tracks below can be heard between the bloodshed and battlecries of the Crucible. Listen to them here without the fear of being player-killed.

Songs from the Depths Songs from the Depths

Take a journey into a dream world with tracks taken from the Song from the Depths quest. Head to Rimmington to start it.

Troll Warzone Troll Warzone

A selection of tracks that can be heard in-game around the Taverley and Burthorpe areas. These tracks were written for our Member's tutorial: The Troll Warzone.

TzHaar TzHaar

The TzHaar area got a graphical makeover in 2012 and we updated the audio to go with it. Below are a selection of tracks played throughout the city.

One Piercing Note One Piercing Note

Sample the sweet notes of the choir from our first fully voice-acted quest: One Piercing Note. The list features both tracks from in-game as well as a medley combining several of the best.

Dominion Tower Dominion Tower

The Dominion Tower, found in the Kharidian Desert, is a dangerous place where monsters from your past are fought once more. Listen to the tracks from this challenging area below.

Tracks Tracks

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