RuneScape Classic

What is RuneScape Classic? What is RuneScape Classic?

  • Take advantage of the limited offer of access to RuneScape Classic.
  • Ever heard your clan mates talk about the "old days" and wonder what they were really like? Find out!
  • Be part of the nostalgia - try glorious three hit combat!
  • See what the old "Wildy" was really like.
  • Defeat Elvarg all over again... OLDSKOOL!

Please note: Only existing RuneScape classic members can play RuneScape classic

Play RuneScape Classic Play RuneScape Classic

To Play RS Classic, click on one of the buttons below

Classic 2 ( 60 players ) Play on this world
Classic 3 ( 41 players ) Play on this world
Classic 1 ( 29 players ) - veterans only Play on this world