Combat Beta

In 2013 we made gradual improvements to Evolution of Combat, but now we’re going to really step it up this year and over the coming months plan to make some big upgrades to the new combat system.

Check out this video of Mod Chris L as he showcases some of the new combat features. Then try it for yourself by clicking below to join a Combat Beta server.

What's new?

We've been listening to your suggestions and feedback, and combined with some designs of our own, have a number of changes which we think will really improve combat gameplay, making it more varied and satisfying, but also easier to play in everyday use.

These include the return of Special Attacks, Revolution – a new way to automate basic abilities, an upgrade to Momentum, plus a host of other improvements. For full details click here.

With these changes we hope Evolution of Combat will be more appealing to all types of players, from adding more depth for experts, to making it more accessible to those just starting out. But that’ll be for you to decide…

Your Feedback

Your feedback is incredibly important to us, so we’ve put an early work-in-progress version of some of these new features on the beta servers. We intend to keep updating the beta build every couple of weeks with newer versions, and will also add in-game polls so you can tell us what you think as you play.

The beta servers are free to play and open for anyone to access, so please jump on now, and make sure to come to the combat beta forum to let us know what you think.

Want to Find out More?

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